Yesterday, Lil Wayne announced that his "Lil Weezyana Fest" was coming to New Orleans next month, and to hype up the news, Weezy called into Q93 last night to speak with Wild Wayne about the event. While the interview was intended to focus on the festival, the conversation quickly shifted to Wayne's old days with Cash Money and the Hot Boys and even though things have gone south between them lately, Wayne still spoke highly of his memories with Birdman back in the day.

Notably, Wayne shared stories about how Juvenile used to tell him that he was the most talented member of the group, and that no matter what he needed to continue to kill his raps because he was going to be a star. Wayne also talked about his early days with Birdman, and how he wanted to go hard on every song just to impress Baby and Slim and that that was even more important to him than showing out for the fans.

Interestingly enough, Wayne said that his album 500 Degreez was pushed heavily by Baby because Cash Money wanted to prove that they were still a force past the departure of Juvenile from the label and had less to do with Wayne being the new face of Cash Money. Of course, Wayne was asked about Young Thug and the similarities to the situation with Barter 6, but Wayne said it was a total different approach because Thug said he was doing it because he was a fan and out of appreciation, and was not really the same as it was with Juvenile. 

While Wayne spoke highly of Birdman and Cash Money throughout this interview, it will remain to be seen if they're ever able to work out their differences and get back to where they were. Just a thought, but that "Lil Weezyana Fest," which is already set to feature a Hot Boys reunion, seems like a good place to squash everything. Just saying. 

Check out the full interview below, and cop tickets to "Lil Weezyana Fest" here