Ed Sheeran was a guest on Zane Lowe’s radio show on Beats 1 earlier this week. The English singer-songwriter is pretty popular within pop music fans, but he’s connections with hip-hop artists have made him able to be a big name in both genres.

Recently, he spoke to Lowe about his current worldwide tour and they went into greater detail about his big industry secret: partying. He shared a story about going to The Weeknd’s house in Toronto for a party. Sheeran admitted that he drank a bit too much, but said The Weeknd wanted him to come back the next day to write a song together. But here’s what will get your hopes up:

“In my head I’m like, ‘The Weeknd doesn’t want to write a song!’ The Weeknd doesn’t want to work with anyone. He’s got one feature on his album, which is Kanye West. He doesn’t want to do that.”

So The Weeknd’s next album will have ‘Ye on it? Dope. And further along in the conversation, Sheeran said he ended up linking with The Weeknd before leaving Toronto. Let's hope that collaboration drops real quick.