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Chief Keef has gone from rapper to possible political hero with his announcement that he's running for mayor of Chicago. Keef, who has had his fair share of run-ins with law enforcement in Chicago, went to Twitter to announce his intentions to run:

I'm running for mayor of Chicago..... Vote for me!!!! It'll be the best thing done yet!!!!! Yall gonna love me in the Office.....

— AlmightySo (@ChiefKeef) July 27, 2015

The timing of this comes right after Keef's much hyped hologram charity performance was shut down unjustly by police last weekend. He continued his tweets by asking people to call the offices of current Mayor Rahm Emanuel (by giving the non emergency services number ironically) and tell them to "stay the fuck off" of people's musical endeavors:

Call Mayor of Chicago @rahmemanuel  312-744-5000 and tell him to stay the fuck off the people's music #StopTheViolenceNow ------

— AlmightySo (@ChiefKeef) July 27, 2015

We're glad to see that the hologram incident has only strengthened Keef's love of politics, now hopefully he can finish his run of computer generated performances.