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UPDATE 07/16 9:30 PM EST: Chief Keef's planned July 17th benefit concert has been canceled, according to the Chicago Sun Times. Keef was scheduled to appear in Chicago at the Redmoon Theater via hologram as he performed from a specially equipped stage in Beverly Hills. 

The concert, which was announced earlier this month, was planned as a benefit concert for charities in Chicago as well as for the family of a 1-year old child who was killed in a car accident in the city earlier this year. 

Chief Keef is a prominent figure in Chicago’s hip-hop scene and he's decided to do something about the devastating news of his friend Capo passing and the 1-year-old boy who was killed in a car crash.

The Glo Gang leader will perform a concert in Chicago via hologram from a stage in Beverly Hills, Calif. The details are the concert will be free, but fans in attendance are encouraged to donate funds to help benefit the family of Dillan Harris. The toddler was killed when the shooter fled the scene in his vehicle after gunning down 22-year-old Capo, where he struck his stroller on the sidewalk in the 6300 block of South Ellis Avenue in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood.

A spokesperson for Keef told The Chicago Tribune that he’s “just so heartbroken and appalled" by the deaths of his friend and the child. Out of respect for the boy’s family, he wanted to do something that would address the "out of control situation."

The reason Keef is using hologram technology, which is something he’ll be utilizing this summer as we previously reported, stems from outstanding warrants his legal team is currently working to resolve. He also announced the Stop the Violence Now Foundation that aims to reduce neighborhood crime.

Keef’s hologram performance is a unique move and one that will bring some positivity to a city where shootings and killings seem to increase every week. It all goes down Friday, July 17.