Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave was interviewed by Power 105.1's Breakfast Club this morning, during which he spoke about the confusion over his recent album sales. In the meantime, he compared himself to Jackie Robinson, Michael Jordan, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X. During the interview, Troy also claimed he started the trend of not mix-and-matching brands—like, adidas gear with Nike kicks.

As usual, he spoke on "restoring the feeling" in New York, and all those weirdo comments he made about Kendrick Lamar. As for Manolo Rose's "Dope Man," and his "All About The Money," Troy clarifies how it ended up on his hands. You can read some excerpts below, including a few quotes about our Major Without A Deal album review.

On his album sales: "We gettin' 95 percent. No, we're gettin' 90 percent. Five percent goes to my lawyer. Five percent goes to my distributor."

On the jokes and the slander: “Jokes and all that don’t affect me. I’m like Jackie Robinson and the racist fan: 'Hey, nigger.' Michael Jordan when you see him putting his hand up and you see somebody in the crowd like, 'Fuck you.'”

On Manolo Rose: "We don't really got no relationship...when I see him I'll probably give him a wedgie or slap him or something."

On our album review: "How does Complex have such a bad review of my album...ain't writers supposed to be unbias? So to have such a bad review, then have everybody else say: 'What the fuck is Complex talking about? This shit is crazy. With all the legends in the game, anybody who heard my album saying: 'this shit is crazy.' That shows you there's biased."

Troy's confidence never falters and you have to respect that. He did make the rap album of the year (according to him, anyway.)