Suge Knight’s legal problems just keep stacking up.

This week, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Suge Knight and Katt Williams have been served with a lawsuit stemming from a 2014 incident with a female photographer. Allegedly, Knight and Williams threatened and assaulted her.

Leslie Redden states in her lawsuit that on September 5, 2014, Knight was mad at her for snapping photos of him outside of the FilmOn Studios in Beverly Hills. Knight thought Redden was taken photos of his son, and proceeded to call her insulting names like “bitch.” Then he “angrily advance towards” her in attempts to scare her away.

Redden also added that Knight continuing to call her insulting names and allegedly said to have “a bitch to come beat your motherfucking ass." He then lifted his shirt to show his waistband, as to possibly threaten her with a gun.

The suit continues to say that Williams and another female (believed to be his girlfriend at the time) stopped Redden from escaping. They forced her on the ground, took her camera away, and demanded she delete the photos. Redden claims she sustained injuries to her neck, back and head, as well other parts of her body. The incident caused her emotional pain and suffering.

The lawsuit comes after the widow of Terry Carter filed a wrongful death suit that named Knight, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and others involved in the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton. Knight is due to face criminal charges of the attempted murder and death of Carter sometime this year.