Ryn Weaver's ascension into the public consciousness has been bright and swift as the singer infiltrated the blogosphere with debut single "Octahate" back in June 2014. Arriving with heavy-hitter name support from producer Benny Blanco, Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos, Charli XCX and DJ/producer Cashmere Cat, the song's star power rose from those twinkling snaps and vocal vigor that shot across the stratosphere before that earth-shattering chorus came crashing down around you with a vengeance. Everything since then is internet history as both the album and Ryn unveiled themselves carefully piece by piece with the release of the Promises EP in late 2014, a string of live shows including an appearance at SXSW and releases of title track "The Fool" and recent acoustic cut of "Pierre."

Today, Ryn's unleashes her highly anticipated debut album The Fool. One listen to the album proves that Ryn delivers in scope, delving deep with heart-pounding production and sky-scraping choruses that you can't help but open your mouth to sing along to. While some may still be up in arms about her quick ascension, there is no denying the starry-eyed surprise of tender loving pop that Ryn delivers. I pity The Fool that doesn't check out this album. Stream it all below on Spotify or pick the album up on iTunes out now on Mad Love/Interscope Records.