UPDATE 6/9/2015: The Associated Press is reporting that a total of 61 people were arrested at this year's Summer Jam festival in New Jersey, and a total of 10 state troopers were injured, as well. It's being reported that after some concertgoers were refused entry after a certain time, crowds began to throw bottles and rush the gates. "Our troopers took the appropriate steps to restore order to what was a brief and volatile situation," Colonel Rick Fuentes, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, said in a statement. Last year, a total of 51 people were arrested at the annual Hot 97 event.

Police have reportedly been dispatched to handle a rowdy crowd at Hot 97's Summer Jam tonight, after there were reportedly bottles thrown at police. According to ABC New York, at least one New Jersey state trooper was injured during the small riot, and police wearing riot gear were called for crowd control. ABC is now reporting that several arrests have been made, and while some concert-goers may have tried to enter the show illegally, others say there were issues with their tickets scanning.

On Hot 97's Facebook, they issued a statement that for any tickets that were not scanned, refunds will be offered at point of purchase. From the looks of comments on their page, some patrons were not informed that they would be denied entry after 9 p.m.

New Jersey State Police released a statement Sunday night, via ABC, which can be read below:

"This evening, security personnel at one of the entrance gates to MetLife Stadium were confronted by crowds attempting to illegally enter the sold out Summer Jam concert by climbing over fences and forcing their way through security personnel. The gates have been shut and troopers on site have called for assistance from several nearby stations to help maintain order.Troopers and stadium security officials are insisting that all people outside of the gates depart the MetLife grounds to avoid congestion when the concert lets out. There is no number of arrests available at this time."


Lenco Bear armored vehicle with LRAD in use at the MetLife gate #summerjam

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Riot at #SummerJam concert. pic.twitter.com/yE1noLs4cQ

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An NJ state trooper tells me 2,000 prime tried to rush the gate at #summerjam and bottles flew. Some officers in riot gear. LRAD is in use.

— Nathan (@nathantempey) June 8, 2015

BREAKING VIDEO: Riots break out at MetLife Stadium at Summer Jam event. Video Via: @joetorious_ Instagram pic.twitter.com/386xQi3nJ1

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According to a representative for Hot 97, Summer Jam will continue as scheduled despite the violence and police action outside the venue.

— Jon Caramanica (@joncaramanica) June 8, 2015

We'll continue to update with more details when they become available.