The right song set to picture can create a moment that transcends time. Just ask music supervisor Scott Vener who was most recently profiled by Complex as his latest work—soundtracking the highly anticipated return of the boys in the Entourage movie—readies for its worldwide theatrical release June 3. From the song's distinguished theme song by Jane's Addiction to Pharrell Williams' "Hunter" that coincides with the artist's cameo in the film to Royal Blood to A-Trak; the soundtrack sets the mood for the Hollywood-fueled pandemonium of Vince, E, Johnny Drama, Turtle and Ari as they navigate a risky new project at the plot's helm.

Enter songstess Allison Taylor. With only one other sound to her SoundCloud name last year, the singer is virtually unknown online except to a few bloggers. From the dark-pop underworld of Banks, Allison rises with a falsetto that would leave Jessie Ware swooning with devotion as she unleashes a reservoir of sultry vocals before twirling the melody around her finger through deep grooving licks of guitar with ease. Produced by Felix Snow, it all makes for one incandescent pop ballad fated to drive you "Crazy" (no Britney, just Adrian) as it soundtracks every person's fantasy since first seeing "Blurred Lines": hanging with Emily RatajkowskiVener explained to Fandango "When Emily Ratajkowski drives Vince in her Ferrari it was only right that we played this beautiful song by a brand-new artist that is sure to make heads turn." 

Listen to "Bells" below and in Entourage out in theaters June 3. You can check out more from Allison on her website and look for the official video coming soon.