HAPPY D(UFF) DAY. Seven years since the release of her last album Dignity, multi-platinum selling artist and famed Lizzie McGuire actress Hilary Duff makes her highly anticipated return with her fifth studio album Breathe In. Breathe Out. Following the release of Tove Lo co-written lead single "Sparks" which set the tone with its infectious whistle-infused brand of EDM, Breathe In. Breathe Out. follows suit as electronic spark-soaked beats permeate each song.

With two more songs co-written by Tove Lo and one co-written with beatboxing heavyweight Ed Sheeran, Breathe In. Breathe Out. finds its rhythm among pulsating bass and soaring choral lines that hook line and sink you into Hilary's older, wiser, heart-breaking, newly single 20-something world. The album is also peppered with feelings referencing the singer's ex-husband hockey player Mike Comrie which sounds most prevalent on the album's title track, "Lies" and "Arms Around A Memory." Hilary has said that he's heard demos of her songs and is aware the album reveals a lot about their relationship explaining "I'm sure it was hard for him to listen to some of the things I'm sharing about him. But that's my job. I'm an artist. He knew that when he married me."

The result is a rapturous blend of electronic and pop that finds it's sweet spot in the heart-heavy beats fated to fill dancefloors in fits of delirium this summer because Hilary has definitely found her Dignity again. Stream Breathe In Breathe Out below, on Spotify or pick it up on iTunes out now on RCA Records.

 Don't miss: "My Kind," "Lies," "Stay In Love," and lookout for bonus song "Rebel Hearts" on the deluxe version.