In what they hoped would be a triumphant comeback—which turned out to be anything but—​East 17 staked their claim for most depressing live show ever (a title previously held by Ma$e). They delayed their appearance on stage at The Academy in Dublin (an 800-person capacity venue) by an hour in the hopes of a better turnout, but alas and alack it was not to be.

One possible explanation, and it's certainly a convincing one, is that the only members of the band people actually gave a damn about in the first place (Brian Harvey and Tony Mortimer) weren't there either. Tom Flynn, pretty much the only person (bar the other 29) who could prove this did indeed happen, told The Sun: "They looked so ridiculous performing to nobody. Tony Mortimer and Brian Harvey, who sang all their big hits, aren’t with the band any more. So you just have the guys that did the dancing, John Hendy and Terry Coldwell, with a new singer called Robbie Craig."

Whatever you think of East 17, you have to commend them for coming on stage at all. Even if it was just really, really sad.

[via FACT]