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With four songs included on the soundtrack to the much-buzzed about movie Dope, which is due out later this month, a lot of people are wondering who exactly the band Awreeoh is. The group appears in the movie under that name and consists of three of characters in the film but the songs were actually written by Pharrell​, who also happens to have executive produced the whole soundtrack. 

One of those songs, "Don't Get Deleted," just got the visual treatment and in addition to the quiet Pharrell connection the fictional band's real-life spillover featured a cameo from Workaholics star Blake Anderson. In the video Anderson plays a friendly neighborhood hacker who helps drive foot traffic to an outdoor concert in Inglewood by shutting down social media networks for all the local kids. They end up flocking to the show and we get some VHS-style footage spliced in of the crowd rocking out. 

Dope, which is also a big acting debut for A$AP Rocky, earned high marks from critics at this year's Sundance Film Festival and is due out in theaters on June 19.