Now that he's officially got the #1 album in the countryA$AP Rocky is already looking ahead to what's next. And while there seems to be a lot more fashion industry moves on the way—he's got a line of furs coming out with Capsule soon—he just dropped a pretty juicy music announcement in a recent interview with Vulture

When asked about how the unexpected Rod Stewart feature on At.Long.Last.ASAP came to fruition Rocky went ahead and announced that he'll soon be releasing a collaborative mixtape with the legendary British rocker. 

"You want to know if me and him have a mixtape coming out, don't you?" Rocky asked the Vulture interviewer, since, you know, that probably wasn't one of her questions. "Me and Rod Stewart have a mixtape coming out," he offered when prodded. "It's called Born To Be Pretty and it's definitely a panty-dropper. Droppin' this summer. You already know." 

Still, Rocky also said that while he's experimenting with new genres—and drugs by the sounds of it—he'll never switch lanes entirely or leave his own identity behind. "I wouldn’t just jump into another genre," he said. "That’s like being an athlete and going from one league to another. For me, I let my inspirations and influences in, and that’s better for the music, as opposed to just trying to do a whole different genre. I think you should master your craft before you present new art to people, or at least try to master it. I enjoyed my first trial with that, but I don’t know if it’s mastered. It might be rookie level. It might just show I’m a novice. But, no, I never wanted to do that. I’m a fan of it, but just because I’m A$AP Rocky doesn’t mean I could just pick up and make a whole rock-and-roll album, just because I like it. I like some psychedelic shit, but that’s just not me. I’m not a rock singer."

UPDATE 6/4/15: It looks like Rocky was just joking about the mixtape with Rod Stewart and that they're not actually making it. It was fun while it lasted, though.