Every rapper has a catalog full of unreleased bricks, but this leaked Rich Homie Quan song is embarrassing for a drastically different reason. In the offending snippet he describes forcibly raping a woman in graphic detail. Here are the bars:

Don’t want your ho, just want that cookie from her/She tried to resist so I took it from her/How you gonna tell me no/You must not know who I am/Even if I’m on the road I see what's goin’ on cause you know I got cameras/ I don’t know no questions but I know the answers/I throw these black fists just like a panther

It's clear why Quan never released this song himself, but the fact that he even recorded the lines is troubling enough. Hip-hop has never rid the blemish of misogyny, and Odd Future's lyrics about rape, to give just one recent example, have been given too much of a pass. Earl Sweatshirt gave up on the mental gymnastics required to excuse the vile lines of his past and has eschewed such ugliness since returning from Samoa—an indicator that more people should have been critical from the beginning. 

A degree of self-awareness kept the song under wraps until now, but we wish Quan would have had the presence of mind not to say this shit in the first place. 

The full song leaked back in December but has resurfaced due to a new packaging of unreleased songs from Quan, Young Thug, and Birdman. 

UPDATE 5/13/15: Quan just released a statement on the incident, and said that the song was never meant to come out and that he would never condone rape. Read the full statement below.

"'I Made It' was never intended to be released. The song was not lyrically what I wanted to say and was not completed. Without my knowledge, there was a studio leak of the recording. I apologize that it’s out; and I have asked my lawyer to pursue a cease and desist on the song immediately. To be clear, I would never condone rape."