Trap, dubstep, grime and garage are all amply represented on Rapid Fire Vol. 2, the new EP from Prince Rapid. Tying all these together is the loosest possible grime connection; an awkward time signature, a jagged low-end buzz, or just an indefinable vibe. Followers of Chip's return to grime (and the subsequent fallout) will recognize one example of this, "Pepper Riddim," from that freestyle. Another example is EP closer "Bigga Meat," an effective mix of grime and trap that even manages to squeeze in some UKF-esque percussion and the kind of dancehall horns that make this track perfect for carnival season. "Many people have said that the 'Pepper Riddim' has brought old skool grime back to life as many producers are now making trap music mistaking it for grime. I wanted the whole EP to carry that excitement and thrilling feeling, making it an authentic Ruff Sqwad sound," Rapid told Complex.

Stream "Bigga Meat" exclusively below via Ruff Sqwad Entertainment, and grab the EP from iTunes on May 22.