Last night, Tyler, The Creator somberly hinted at the break up of Odd Future. While he has started to distance himself from his Twitter comments, he still understands the significance the time has played on the collective's dynamic. 

Earl Sweatshirt is of the same mind, albeit a little louder and less nostalgic. Earl took to Twitter tonight (May 28), to respond to some of Tyler's comments and the aftermath left in their wake. The younger rapper stated that he has no sympathy for those upset by Tyler's stating the obvious, calling them "male virgins." He then brutally called out a group of "Odd Future Runoffs," instructing them to stop dressing like Easter baskets and go talk to some bitches.

It seems Earl has had enough and he is ready to move on from his younger years and Odd Future. This may well be an end of an era, but as of yet, nothing has been confirmed. We will keep you updated as the situation continues to play itself out.