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Welcome to the jungle. Which jungle is that, you ask? The jungle recessed in the back of your darkest dreams. But don't be afraid. You'll be led by a trustworthy guide who's navigated the terrain before. Houston's Apex Martin put together six new beats for his TÉJAS EP and after a first listen, it may have you checking the calendar for what month it is. The brooding and viscous feel from the production make it feel more like the edge of autumn before winter hits. The similarities to Yeezus are there but don't let them take away from Apex's venture into the gloomy unknown. And don't just box him in as a producer who works solo. Apex is joined by a few MC towards the end of the EP as well as another artist, Young, on "Don't Look Down." 

"This past year has been the most stressful and depressing time of my life. Although it's shorter than the last one, this project is my baby," Martin told Complex over email. "It's a journey starting with my return to Texas. One day people will understand the little corner in my brain where these ideas and sounds stem from, but for now I give you TÉJAS, an extension of the last few months of my life. I made this with my friends."

If you didn't find the secret link for the EP already, stream the project below. Get familiar with Apex and 14 other new producers, if you haven't already.