Queens singer/songwriter Wynter Gordon liberates the visual for "The Hard Way" today, a single featured on Kitty Cash's Love The Free Pt. 2 mixtape released last year. Directed and edited by Adrian Arredondo and Jonatán López, "The Hard Way" video is a day in the life of Gordon—hanging in an apartment, having friends over, eating pizza, dancing—could this be any more perfect?

Halfway through the visuals, the breakdown is meant to represent daydreaming and letting your imagination run wild. Gordon takes cues from iconic looks that have made New York fashion what it is today. But most importantly, "The Hard Way" is about the inner battle you have with yourself, alone, on a beautiful, relaxing day. Lines like "I know I've spent my life/Running away from me/Got too much on my mind/And you say I'm insane/But I like to learn the hard way" will hit hard. Gordon has new music dropping next month, so get ready and check out her latest video above.