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As fans get ready for Tame Impala's upcoming third studio album, Currents, the band's frontman, Kevin Parker, shared their new single, "Disciples," during his Reddit AMA earlier today.

As far as the direction of the new album, Parker said during the AMA session that is will be way more pop-based compared to their previous work. "I’ve always thought all Tame Impala was total pop (whatever pop is these days). I guess because I don’t hear the oceans of reverb and distortion… There’s a lot of different stuff on the new album," Parker said. Interestingly enough, Parker also said that he draws a lot of inspiration from Kanye West and his confidence. "I have to say I am very inspired by Kanye West. There’s something about his overt confidence in the face of judgment and doubt," Parker said.

Stream the new single above.