Michael Francis is going to be a star. With his debut project skylineDRIVE slated for a Summer 2015 release, his song "Confessional" is a promising look at the artist's ethereal sound. A song about the arch of falling in love, "Confessional" balances on being a stunning pop song and R&B ode to intimacy—but he wants listeners to view it through the scope of not being afraid of one's true self. There's a solid interpolation of INOJ's "Love You Down" towards the end of the track, too.

"This project is a glimpse into old and new emotions experienced over the past few years. Losing love, Hating Love, Finding Love," Francis said over email. "I've been writing music for 15 years now so I'm in a place where one song could represent 10 things while only stating an obvious one. And for the listener they may interpret one meaning, but for me, it connects to a direct thought that could represent something far less from the obvious. 'Confessional' has a couple of meanings throughout but I just want people to not be afraid of their true self. Own it. Love it. And Live it."

Stream the track below and check out the art by B. D. Graft who is making specific pieces inspired by Francis' music.