Concert footage from Lil Wayne's Release Partiez club tour has confirmed Weezy isn't letting go of his animosity toward Young Thug. Thugger changed the name of his mixtape from Carter 6 to Barter 6, but the one-letter switch wasn't enough to satisfy Lil Wayne. At a recent concert in Columbus, Ohio, Tunechi told Young Thug to "suck my dick."

Here's the rant in full:

"If there were any other albums that dropped recently, tell them I say, 'Suck My Dick.' Carter V coming soon. Ain't no motherfucking such thing as Carter 6. And anytime y'all book them bitch ass n****s to come up in this motherfucker, before they say one word, you let them know Tunechi said, 'Suck my dick.'"

Tunechi previously said of Young Thug, "Stop listening to songs of n****s who pose naked on their motherfucking album covers." But Thugger has refused to throw back any insults, saying Weezy will always be his idol.