Joey Purp and Kami De Chukwu, also collectively known as the Leather Corduroys, have resurfaced with a brand new video for one of the standout tracks from their latest project, Season. "Lucile" is not your typical hip-hop track, therefore it deserves a video that is more left field than your usual set of rap visuals. The entire song revolves around the duo singing "Lucy, Lucy, Lucy," in a melody that is reminiscent of horror films—the background music used when the demonic creature is preparing to spring onto our clueless protagonist. Jake Osmun picks up on this scary aspect of the track, directing a video that is draped in shadows and filled with miscellaneous blood. As it progresses, the tension builds like a real thriller. The ending is interesting to say the least, but the entire experience is one that will have you telling your friends about for days. Osmun and Leather Corduroys executed a cool concept near flawlessly.