Seeing that they've made some incredible music lately, it's only right that Flying Lotus will interview Kendrick Lamar on his BBC Radio 1 show later tonight. Kendrick first appeared on Flying Lotus' album, You're Dead, which was followed by Lotus blessing Kendrick's To Pimp a Butterfly album with production and overall direction. Check back for full highlights of the interview later today.

Update: The interview is now available for your listening pleasure. Flying Lotus structured the interview in the same format as Kendrick's Tupac conversation that appears towards the end of "Mortal Man." Kendrick speaks about following your heart and his desire to do something different with his latest album, which Lotus praises at the top of the show. After the Compton rapper says his goodbyes, Flying Lotus plays the CDQ version of the previously released "Eyes Above (Remix)." This track may never fully see the light of day, but features a brand new verse from Kendrick. You can check out the entire show here, you can skip to 1:37:27 for the full interview, and the "Eyes Above (Remix)" below.