If you're getting involved with Record Store Day, you will no doubt have already drawn up an extensive, color-coded list of records you hope to buy, prioritized and arranged in chronological order. Hopefully, right at the top of that list is J Dilla's out-of-print single, "Fuck The Police".

The repackaged edition is in the shape of the police badge and is the latest in a long line of reissues and posthumous releases from the Dilla estate. Whatever you think of the decision to keep releasing his music, you must at least be thankful that an out-of-print classic like this is getting another round. Record Store Day has also attracted some slightly negative attention this year as labels scramble to press something, anything, they can on the day. This has led to a bottleneck with many plants left struggling to meet their other commitments.

You can find the full list of Record Store Day releases by clicking here.

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