For those of you who think electronic music/EDM/whatever you want to call it is just turn up music for molly addicts... you wouldn't be 100% wrong, but you'd also be doing a disservice to the material that producers like Rustie churn out. I'd even understand if you slept on his impeccable 2011 debut album Glass Swords, but you lose a bunch of points for sleeping on his 2014 release Green Language, especially considering that he's produced a number of cuts for Danny Brown (including Old's "Side B (Dope Song)"), and they crafted one of the freshest cuts of 2014, "Attak." Heads in the know also remember that Rustie collaborated with Kevin Gates before the end of 2014, and his love of hip-hop is top-notch, making this new mini-mix a must for those who love that middle ground between electronic beats and rap turn up.

While there's no tracklist–only Rustie advising that this new mix features "loads of new sh*t," it's a dope primer for the heads overseas looking to dig into his sound. While he drops material from Chief Keef and Young Thug, he also finds a way to throw in his recently-released remix of Joker's "Midnight" alongside a grip of chilled, brooding bangers. Don't worry about a tracklist, though; Rustie's just dropped your afternoon turn up soundtrack. Go crazy.

[via The FADER]