Lil Wayne has finally spoken out about his desire to leave Cash Money Records and the subsequent lawsuit for $51 million against the label. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Wayne reveals that he and Birdman are not on speaking terms, and though he didn't really want to talk about the lawsuit, he said that the situation was taking its toll on him.

He didn't go into more detail about Birdman or the legal issues, but he did speak on Tha Carter V and confirmed that the album is indeed done, but is on hold right now while the legal situation plays out. "Cake baked, icing on top, name on top, candles lit. I would have released it yesterday if I could. But it's a dead subject right now. It's a jewel in the safe. It's that stash-house money," Wayne said. On a good note however, Weezy did reveal that his Free Weezy Album is coming out as a free project in March. "I guarantee it's going to be something dope. If you don't want a musician being creative, don't get The Free Weezy Album," Wayne revealed.

As for the retirement rumors that sparked up months back, Wayne said that that was at one time the plan, but after thinking it over, he doesn't know if he can truly walk away from music. "I've thought about it," he says. "But for a person like me that bleeds, eats, sleeps and shits music, it's hard to do, " Wayne said. The full interview, where Wayne also talks about being a fan of Rae Sremmurd and Migos, can be read here.