With little to go off of about Goodbye Tomorrow’s identity, this video for his/her/their song “JAY Z” says a lot. It’s almost like a dose of inception stacked with three dimensional visuals. The video seems to be made with strong intentions to get your wheels turning about a lot of things. Fluorescent text flashes by the screen that reads, “We Were Kings Before They Made Us,” and words quickly fade in and out that say, "Press any key to free your consciousness." Pretty heavy.

What does appear clear is the the explanation towards the end of the video that states “JAY Z” is “A Dissertation On the Diaspora of the BLACK Soul,” which begins to unravel with a few more views and some critical analysis.

“Look like a son of a God/ Inside the mind of a man/ I got the heart of a lion/ I got the head of a ram,” raps Goodbye Tomorrow. Whoever is behind the microphone has a strong approach with hard lyrics that also drive the images. Check out the video above.