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Formerly known as MPA Shitro, Bricc Baby Shitro has pretty quickly become one of my favorite new rappers of 2015. Last year's Son Of A Bricc Lady had some heat, like the Young Thug-featuring "No Games," but Shitty's been quietly killing it the past few months: he's become linked to Kid Ink's Batgang (and shows up on his latest single, "Like A Hott Boyy"), and features prominently on French producer Brodinski's upcoming full-length debut, the tracklist of which essentially functions as a way doper Freshman Class of 2014. Shitro's previous single, November's "Work," was his strongest track to date—but he's at his peak with "6 Drugs," a massive ode to over-indulgence, produced by Bromance Records/Club Cheval's Sam Tiba and one of the hardest songs of 2015. Shitro's Nasty Dealer mixtape drops soon.

[via FACT]