It's no secret that Preditah has the Midas touch when it comes to grimy bangers. Tracks like "Circles" have long been held as the gold standard when it comes to making grime heads go nuts on the dancefloor, and his UKG productions have been equally well-celebrated. Preditah's new track, "Selecta", bridges the gap between the two worlds of grime and garage perfectly with the young Brummy taking Artful Dodger's "Re-Rewind"—a garage standard from way back when—and updating it with some bouncy mid-range stabs and a snappy-as-all-heck garage beat. If you ever find yourself helming a set and the crowd's looking bored, drop this and run for cover. Watch people go bananas for bass in the "Selecta" video up top; the single is coming out on March 3 via 3 Beat.