Purveyor of all things breaks, Mella Dee has just dropped a brand new 8-track beat tape on Digital Soundboy. It appears he's found his new home, having released his last single "GT Turbo" on the label just a few months ago. This new beat tape, Rhythm Nation Volume 1, continues in the vein of that single and some of his recent mixes. Tracks "Heaven" and "Pandemonium" , as with much of the tape, bring together the overlapping worlds of old-skool, jungle and rave music all under the banner of the more left-field sounds being explored in 2015's many disparate sounds and scenes. Even the song titles betray an undying love of classic rave in every sense with names like "Bring Love", "Helter Skelter" and "MK3 GTI" carrying with them a uniquely British sensibility. Take a listen to the whole tape below or you can download it for free now.