Lil Silk continues to mystify, and occasionally dazzle. Within a booming Atlanta rap scene that gets weirder and more brilliant by the week, he's fighting with every track to standout, assert his originality, and progress. From the sound of it, Silk's on the winning end of his bout on "Surfer." He's not just the "Rapper" rapper anymore—he's stacked up, swagged up, and leveled up in the studio. "I bought myself a Bentley coupe/With the chocolate seats," he raps before explaining, "I throw the cash, make it flood, and everybody's a surfer." Fellow Atlanta native MACTurnUp takes over the second verse using his screwed-up drawl to play with the song's light production.

Silk may be on to something here, because "Surfer" has me thinking this: Are we about to be surfing in the club again or nah? "Surfer" is sure anthemic enough to warrant a potential comeback. Either way, take advantage of the sprite trap drums-infused production from Mayhem and Spaghetti J, and catch a few waves to Lil Silk's latest.

Stream "Surfer" below.