Joey Bada$$ appeared on Bloomberg TV earlier today for an informative interview with Primm Fox to discuss the upcoming album and his start in rap. Of course, they also talked about the now-infamous photo of Malia Obama wearing a Pro Era shirt, to which Joey admitted he didn't know who she was at first. "I'm like what's so special about this? I didn't know who she was," Joey stated. "I was like what's so special about this? And then as I started reading the comments and the captions then I was like, oh. And I wasted no time. I just reposted it."

The photo has since reportedly launched a White House investigation as to how exactly the selfie ended up online, especially with Michelle Obama's strict social media rules for her daughters. The incident has since gained Bada$$ a mentionable amount of notoriety as he counts down the days to the release of his debut album, B4.DA.$$, which is slated to arrive at the end of the month.