As he continues work on his next project, New Levels, New Devils, talented Toronto MC, G Milla, debuts his latest song, "Galileo," this morning. Milla brings the energy on this track, which features an infectious hook supplied by Oden that matches Milla's direction on the song, as he raps about his endless party lifestyle through the use of a dynamic flow and catchy lyrics. The second verse of the song is where Milla's talents are really escalated, as he effortlessly rhymes, "I told ya I'm a stoner, I hate being sober, n***a put a molly in the water, Hollywood n***a from the corner, somebody better call 'em, cus ain't nobody told 'em." This track fits in with Milla's standout drops from 2014, "Let It Go" and "Dimes," which with today's release should more than hold over fans until the upcoming project. Stream the song below.