While Elle Varner continues to work towards the completion of her sophomore album 4 Letter Word, she lets loose a new track, "Where Your Man Is?" It's been a few months since Varner has released new material—last time we caught her, she was plotting on something in her "Fuck it All" video. 

This time, Varner acts up on "Where Your Man Is?" In an upfront manner, she takes every basic to task for not being able to keep their significant other on a faithful leash. "I am not a psychic, but he's probably with some side-chick/Miami or Atlanta, and you know that shit's on silent," she tauntingly sings over strange sonic twisting. A steady drum kick keeps Varner rolling to the end here: "Nine o'clock on Sunday night, do you know where yo man is?"

Sounds like a challenge.

Listen to "Where Your Man Is?" below.