Chance The Rapper's rise to superstar status after the release of his critically acclaimed project Acid Rap is one of the most inspiring stories in music over the last year or two. He's since created a rabid, organic fanbase and used it to show that major labels don't always make or break a young artist's career. Fans have been waiting patiently for the follow up to Acid Rap, but have instead been treated to loosies from The Social Experiment, a group consisting of Chance and his friends Nico Segal (also known as Donnie Trumpet), Peter Cottontale and Nate Fox. The jazzy, sprawling songs have all been hits, and with the announcement of their upcoming debut album Surfthere has been some questions as to where the follow up to Acid may be.

In The Social Experiment's introductory and candid Fader cover story, Chance explains that Surf was initially Nico's project when they became a group, so he felt it should be first. The story also explains how the four friends live, work, and make music together and how their natural chemistry is key to the eclectic sound of Surf. One of the most striking quotes is Chance explaining that a song "should have a different meaning at least the first three times you play it," a mission statement that the group is working hard to fulfill with their album.  Acid Rap may not get a follow up any time soon, but Chance essentially wants to make dope music with his friends, and isn't that the type of loyalty we should all appreciate?

Either way, when GQ caught up with Chance recently, he revealed that Frank Ocean, J. Cole, and André 3000 will all appear on the Acid Rap Check out the full story followup... whenever it comes. Read the full story here.