Back in June, Montreality uploaded an interview with A$AP Yams that was eventually taken down after a few hours due to issues with the label. Following Yams' tragic passing earlier this month, the site decided to re-edit the interview and re-upload the clip in his memory. During the inspirational interview, Yams shared some pretty hilarious memories of when he was in school, including the time he dumped a bunch of laxatives in his teacher's coffee cup.

Yams also said that in a previous life he was Napoleon or Rick James, and that as of then, a lot of industry people were trying to separate him and Rocky. Near the end of the interview, Yams opened up about being homeless at one point in his life, and gave a message to the youth to never give up on your dreams. "Don't chase the glamor and the glitz, don't chase none of that shit, if you're in it for the lifestyle, just get the fuck out."