I've heard of numerous situations where comedians get so angry that they berate people at their shows who start recording their sets–I even recently heard that Chris Rock stopped his set short when an attendee was recording the set that became his recent Saturday Night Live monologue–I've never heard of DJs really going in on people quite like this. During a set at Time Warp, it looks like Richie Hawtin, who was definitely feeling what he was throwing down, proceeded to push one of the monitors into a woman who was on sgtage recording his set on her phone on some smartphone cinematography shit. Dancing Astronaut reports that the woman was not physically injured (it definitely seems like it was shoved into her to get his point across), but we wonder if her feelings were hurt.

Richie Hawtin posted the following apology on Facebook; he said he tried to reach out to the fan, and that his intention wasn't to harm her or even hit her, just to get the point across that she didn't need to be filming so much of the set. Word to the wise, people: go to shows to dance and enjoy yourself. A DJ's energy is read off of crowd reaction. If everyone has their phones out, who's really enjoying the show?