Rappers author and popularize many of the sayings, words, and phrases that make their way into popular culture. In 2014 alone, rappers had everyone saying things like “’bout a week ago,” “0 to 100,” “we dem boyz,” “you guessed it,” and “I'm in love with the coco” all because they were in everyone's favorite songs.

The situation also works vice versa. Rappers often use phrases that have become popular among their target audiences as the topics for their newest songs. Some phrase that all the kids are saying will make its way—more than likely by the Internet—all across the country and be the idiom of the hour. Then, your favorite MC will come along and try to strike while the iron is hot. You can call it smart or can you can call it lazy, but here are 10 rappers who used current phrases in the urban lexicon as the subject matter for their recent songs.

C. Vernon Coleman II is a writer living in Atlanta. Follow him @Vernon_Coleman.