Last Japan has always refused to be lumped in with any one style or genre, instead insisting in on remaining on the outer limits as an observer. This arms-length approach appears to be paying dividends, allowing him to draw on as many disparate scenes and genres for inspiration to create something entirely his own. And his new December mix is a shining example of what Last Japan can do as a DJ. Here, the young London producer takes us on a tour of his musical heritage as well as the sounds he's exploring now. The framework of this mix is ultimately grime but there's plenty of trap, bass and the sort of abstract sounds that sit somewhere between the Boxed crew's output and that of PC Music. Stream it below, and check the tracklist on the flip.

Forever Forever - Muck
Impey - Bandclap
Footsie - Prang Boy (Chemist Remix)
Drippin - Air Jordans
MssingNo - Osh
Last Japan - Till Da Morning Comes feat. D Double E
Last Japan - Golden Eye VIP
Plata - Kru
Tom E. Vercetti - Future Perfect VIP
Milktray - Hotel
Iglew - Cymatism
Impey - Bleepz 2014 feat. O-Dessa
Fang Lilies - Atmospheric Oceans
Iglew - Urban Myth