While I love when dope mixes include tracklists, I definitely miss my days as a trainspotter. There's always something about hearing a tune you had no prior knowledge about, it blowing you away, then you digging for info on it. This morning I got slapped in the face with word regarding this 24-track Future Beats: The Album release from Doc Scott's 31 Recordings imprint, which is set to drop on December 15 via a limited-edition (read: 200 copy) box set featuring six vinyl records that are never to be repressed. Featured on the project include J:Kenzo, Digital & Spirit, Klute, and this intoxicating bit from Nucleus & Paradox entitled "Chiron."

Now, I'd first heard this in the middle of a Commix promo mix from back in September that I was admittedly late on; I want to say it'd been out for about a month before I rinsed the mix. Nucleus and Paradox are two of the drum & bass scene's biggest proponents of digging for breakbeats, and they have a knack for finding things that I'd either never heard before or haven't been utilized that much. Not sure what the source of "Chiron" is, but the recording sounds like it was lifted from a truly dusty record; there's a bit of crackle and pop in there, which adds to the atmosphere of the tune when you throw it underneath a warm sub that lies very low in the track. In grand fashion, this six-minute tune doesn't even really get going until about three minutes in, when another breakbeat is thrown in; the clip below gets it going around that time. You start to hear some creepy crawlies leap into the mix as well, which signals a new movement in the tune before taking you back down with the crackle and pop.

This tune is excellent, as is the rest of the release, and for those who have been in tune to Doc Scott's future beats movement, this is the compilation you've been no-doubt waiting for.