Now this is an interesting pairing. If you rock with DAD, you know about the bass music masterpieces that ill-esha has churned out over the years. She's a singer, producer, DJ, and can do all of those things simultaneously in a live setting. All of that said, we had no idea she was working with K.E. On The Track, who's produced a number of hits in his career, including singles for Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Future. On January 13, the collaborative EP from these two—Autopilot—is set to drop, and "Stop Playin'" is the first we're hearing from the project. Word is they were mutual fans of each others material, and during a tour stop through Atlanta, ill-esha and K.E. worked on the nucleus of this EP. "Stop Playin'" finds a dope way to combine reminiscing on precious moments, sultry guitars, and ill-esha's vocals into a bouncy, somber number. It hits home, and hints at how we could (read: should) be seeing bass music producers moving into the mainstream without truly compromising what makes their music so impactful.