I love when pieces align without you trying to move them. We've been keeping a close eye on Dusky's movement, especially since they launched their 17 Steps imprint. We recently spoke to them about their latest single, "Yoohoo" / "Akebono," and during that interview they mentioned their last EP was influenced by the drum & bass they grew up on, but we had no idea they roped in legendary drum & bass pioneer LTJ Bukem for a remix of "Yoohoo." Bukem flips the '90s rave-inspired original in his signature sound, taking the atmospheric grooves of the Looking Good stable, throwing some classic breaks in the background, and making a truly emotional jungle bit out of it.

There's no information on when this remix is hitting the shops, but hopefully it gets out there soon. Fans who've been missing this side of the dnb sound are going to eat Bukem's rework up.

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