It's dope to be a fan of Rashad's music, and hear the beauty in the complex rhythms he crafted. It's something totally different to see Rashad, the one who truly brought footwork to the masses, take the 10 minute "Beat This" challenge and build a banger from the ground up. Now, I've seen a number of "beat the clock" videos, where producers create a track that's presentable in a short amount of time, but you usually end up getting something that has a few layers to it, something that operates on level and just rolls out with a concept. And hell, I could just be ignorant, but I might have to reevaluate what Rashad released. A lot of shit that sounds like samples might end up being Rashad's meticulous ear hooking up a melody that sounds like it came from a dusty piece of vinyl. Just peep how he lays this track down, from the intro to the more meaty bits. There was a point where he spent a minute trying to find the right melody on the keys... then to hear him layer that stuff in towards the end? It's genius. Gone to fucking soon.

And if you dig this, check out the entire I'm Tryna Tell Ya documentary.