As you may have noticed, Complex recently dropped our year-end lists for best songs and best albums. One comment, posted by a reasonable individual who goes by the screen name, 'dick,' reads: "wtf complex I assume this is not in order of how good they are.. it seems like yall just threw together the first 50 albums you could think of. there was no thought put into this it shows." 

Another comment: "I wish Diddy had punched whoever made this list instead of drake​." Ouch.

There seems to be an irrational thought that Complex puts little effort into our lists, when in fact we spent countless hours over a period of weeks locked in a conference room, fighting tooth and nail for music we believe made an impact in 2014. There were heavy favorites, notable movers, and sleeper picks that slid onto our lists in the 11th hour, all of which make up a bigger picture of what Complex represents, from our staff to our readership. To quote the great DJ Khaled, we work hard.

Still, the truth remains that our collective picks as a team don't necessarily reflect personal selections. Read below to find out who and what we fucked with in 2014. Who knows? You might find something new you missed out on. You're welcome.