On Wednesday evening , a gathering was held at City Hall in downtown Manhattan in protest of the recent death of Eric Garner, and the consequent failure to indict a Staten Island police officer for his role in Garner's death. This rally was different from so many recent public assemblies we've seen because Russell Simmons, and Eric Garner's son Eric Garner Jr., were in attendance, in addition to local activists and Common. He took a few moments to open up with us about his reaction to the grand jury's decision not to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo, the importance of celebrity activism, and why he feels the need to get involved.

At the event, the Justice League NY collective presented a petition-backed list of demands to New York officials. Some of the demands included the immediate firing of Pantaleo and the creation of a new NYPD training program. Common also spoke with us about how Justice League NY's list of demands separates itself from marches or other types of protests. Check out the full interview above.