Drake recently celebrated his 28th birthday the only way he knows how: by hitting up the strip club and blowing a bunch of bands. As it turns out, his experience didn't go as smoothly as planned, when video surfaced of the Toronto MC shoving security to the side as he rushed into Stadium Club in Washington, D.C. Reports circulating suggested a member of OVO was punched, which may explain why Drake was so angry.

What was meant as a night of leisure clearly spiraled into some bullshit. And though rappers are no strangers to altercations while they're performing at clubs (Migos can attest to that), it seems like they can't even have a drama-free minute when they're just hanging out. Can't Drake just have a moment to sit with his boys at a club in peace? Or is that a dream that can only be realized at Dave and Busters? Drake's not alone in this drama. Here are 10 times rappers including Puff DaddyGame, and Nas were involved in a nightclub mishap.