There's only so many ways to say this (and I've said it what seems like a billion times by now!), but Odesza is possibly the act of 2014 when you add up everything they've accomplished relative to where they were when they began the year.  But you know all that by now and so it's with that in mind, you can dive into this wonderfully refreshing remix from Toronto's Free n Losh. Taking the Zyra-assisted "It's Only" from Odesza's debut album, Free n Losh soak the tune in their uniquely smooth and spaced-out futuristic yet nostalgic jazzy vibes.  Those vibes flow through the entire thing, but they really hit an apex when the sax comes in and takes center stage with a drawn out romantic yet sexy vibe.  This is the kind of track perfect for you and that special someone but more then that, this is the type of tune you'll hear at a concert and find the entire crowd coupling up and swaying to.  It's that kind of track.