Alongside Adam Alpert's major label push of both himself and The Chainsmokers to the top of the Billboard charts as well as the creation of Disruptor Records set the bar extremely high for mainstream-to-superstar expansion in EDM-at-present. Now, with the announcement of Crush and Moodswing Management joining forces, the underground-to-mainstream EDM market has evolved, too.

Founded by Johnny Maroney in 2008, Moodswing has handled the likes of LMFAO and Iggy Azalea. Currently, Moodswing (a team including Brian Scully and Mike Fazio) manages the likes of Brenmar, Solidisco, TWRK, and a significant number of Jersey club producers including (but not limited to) DJ Sliink, Nadus, Uniiqu3, and DJ Fire. Crush Management, though? Bearing outposts in Los Angeles and Nashville, one-time musicians Jonathan Daniel and Bob McLynn's organization handle acts including Sia, Fall Out Boy, Train, and Gym Class Heroes.

Maybe one of the most intriguing moves regarding merging the mainstream, underground, pop, urban and independent lanes under one roof, this is a situation that certainly deserves more attention to be paid in the year(s) to come.