Common has been on a mission in 2014. The Chicago rapper dropped a new album this year titled Nobody's Smiling, one that tackled the growing violence throughout his hometown and the rest of the country. Now, he's taking it on the road on the "Nobody's Smiling" Tour with the purpose of creating a soundtrack for our growing national unrest. Common hopes he, along with No I.D., created a classic statement record, like Nas with Illmatic and Ice Cube with AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted.

We caught up with Common as the tour was rounding through Los Angeles to discuss what he's looking forward to doing on the road, and what he hopes to inspire in his audiences. He also talked about his admiration of his tour mate, Jay Electronica, whom he calls timeless and an inspiration for his current work.

Check out the interview in the video above, and catch the "Nobody's Smiling" Tour as it stretches across the country.