• "Some guy is doing molly off another guy's testicle."
  • "[These girls] are so high off of tie-dye fumes and cocaine."
  • "You can flick your lights on and off in your bedroom, listen to 'Thriller' three times, take two Benadryl, and it'll probably have a similar effect."
  • "Why are you wearing a fucking flowered headband? Did you go to your fucking great-grandmother's garden and pick those daisies to make a headband for this fucking event? Did you then tape them together and make a goddamned beret of flowers? Is it Earth Week?"

These are four (of the many) quotes that can be found within Baewatch's (Dharma Initiative's Jayson Earles and Savage's Anthony Torres) latest free-to-download CIAO Records single "I Hate EDM." As if the polar opposite of "#SELFIE" and much more caustic in tone than "Turn Up To Death," it's possibly the best angst-ridden response to the pop-mainstream EDM development of the year. "#SELFIE"'s bi-room Dutch house car alarm synths? Check. "Turn Down For What"'s now (possibly) overplayed trap swagger? Check. You need club-friendly Dutch house kicks, so that it'll keep the dance-floor moving as you as a DJ make a political statement by playing this in the club? Those are there, too.

When the "#SELFIE" girls are ready to start listening to Gesaffelstein and Disclosure, this is what happens. Maybe just the self-aware ethering that 2014 needed, this is a track that deserves, as all of the aforementioned tracks have, to be a giant, mainstreamed and unavoidable hit. Keep an eye on this one for certain.